Zieler 24 Premium Half Pan Water Color Set

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4 Half Pans, 2 refillable Watercolour Brushes, Mixing Pallet, 2 sponges & Durable case – Ideal Travel Set

Estimated Delivery Date : Tuesday 28th of June 2022
  • Provide ideal transparency for layering and mixing. 24 half pans offer a superb infinite colour range with an ideal mix of tones for earth, skin and high vibrancy tones. The paints are quick-drying and made from high pigments. Colours will not fade with time and light.
  • This 31 pieces set is encased in a portable and durable box measuring H 2.8 x W 11 x L 18.3cm. The handle ring on the underside of the box allows you to easily hold the set whilst painting – ideal for outdoor use! This set is perfect for use for school, home travel.
  • Allow you to create a broad range of strokes whether you want fine detail or large coverage; also ideal for lettering. They can be easily filled with water time and time again. The brushes include secure lids to ensure that they well protected and kept clean when not in use.
  • The set includes a mixing pallet with 5 separate mixing areas proving effortless mixing. 2 sponges are provided and can be used to clean or dry your brush.
Brand Zieler
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