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Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy - 3kg

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Royal Canin German shepherd junior 12 Kg is given as feed for the dogs are the small puppy’s up to 15 months old. They require energy to be playful and to be a healthy adult.
The German shepherd is intelligent and versatile, they are capable to do anything by training. They are easy to handle, take training in a better way. This is an economical pack. The Royal Canin shepherd junior strengthens the dog’s joints and muscles by providing the right amount of calcium and phosphorus. Nutrition and protein in the food make sure that the digestive system is nourished properly. The German Shepherds have long and strong muzzles with strong teeth, kibbles shape, size, and texture are designed so that chewing is easier for these dogs. The exclusive formula of the food also helps to maintain weight.
Brand Royal Canin
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