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Namu Life Snailwhite Overnight Firming Mask for Whitening and Anti Aging 50 ML

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Night facial mask cream formulated with special SNAIL SECRETION FILRATE and GINSENG EXTRACT (Actostem Ginelixir) which help restore for healthier and brighter skin soft and hydrated youthful-looking skin reduce visible wrinkle, tighter and firmer skin. (Estimated Shipping 7-10 working days)
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The sleeping facemask with concentrated natural essence, which can restore elasticity to the skin and make it firmer.
Crimson Red Algae visibly helps smooth stress lines and wrinkles, restoring firmness, maintaining the skin's youthful look.

The formula with other powerful active ingredients includes:
- Acts as a shield to lock in moisture, to combat dryness.
- Giving the skin a healthy glow;
- Repairs and leaves your skin radiant.
- Helps skin absorb nutrients more efficiently.
SNAIL WHITE's base formula also contains essential protein and vitamins to help damaged skin recover and become healthy again.
NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE OVERNIGHT FIRMING MASK repairs and revitalizes the skin as you sleep, waking up looking fresh, young, and radiant.

How to Use:
Washing face before bedtime then pats dry leaving the skin damp. Apply Overnight Firming Mask with both hands and spread it evenly across the face. Leave it on overnight without rinsing off. (Rinse off the next morning.) Use 2 to 3 times a week.
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