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Alhogeri Frankincense In Elegant Box - 250g

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Frankincense is the essence of Oman and a symbol of life for its people. It is burned as incense in offices, added to perfume oils, and used for medicinal purposes to ease aches and pains. It is deeply woven into the traditional culture of the Sultanate and is popularly called Dhofar’s Divine Sap.
Frankincense is mainly grown in Salalah in the Governorate of Dhofar and it can be found in souqs all over the Sultanate. For thousands of years Oman has been trading frankincense with many nations such as Iraq, Palestine, Rome and Egypt. Rome used it in religious rituals while Egypt embalmed the bodies of their pharaohs with it. Today Omanis use it to cool water in the summertime The Sultanate produces 6,000 tonnes of frankincense per year
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